Post address: Northeast Normal University, Institute of Grassland Science, Changchun city, JiLin Province, China, 130024

Phone:  0086-431-85099992


Scientists involved in Grassnet:

Prof. Deli Wang
Dr. Yingzhi Gao

Northeast Normal University, China - Institute of Grassland Science (IGS)

Structure: The Institute of Grassland Science was founded in 1960 and today employees 20 members – of which 13 are researchers
Mission: Teaching and Science
Main objectives: Aiming at exploring the recovery and reclamation mechanics of degraded grassland ecosystems, also healthy management and utilization of grasslands, IGS is always taking great effort in both scientific value and social impacts by doing sound research and talents education on the ground of basic research or applied basic research under the subjects of grassland sciences and ecology
  • Process and functioning of meadow steppe ecosystems
  • Grassland management and forage breeding 
  • Restoration of degraded steppes
    (alkaline or saline steppes)
Education: NENU educates 122 students.

Master Program
IGS has the qualification to confer Master degree under the subjects of Ecology and Grassland Science (Prataculturae). At present, IGS could hold 20-30 freshmen for this each year.
Doctoral Program
IGS has also the qualification to confer the doctoral degree under the subjects of Ecology and Grassland Science (Prataculturae). Each year about 15 doctoral freshmen could be enrolled at IGS.