Estanislao Diaz Falu

Email: diazfalu[at]
Phone: +49 0176 329 71 386
Skype: estanislao.diaz.falu

Curriculum Vitae

National Institute of Agriculture and Livestock Technology, Argentina



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Preliminary Results

Estanslao Díaz Falú (Ph D Candidate)

Research Interests:

Plant-animal interactions, herbivores´ response to changing environments, grazing effects on ecosystem structure and functioning

Research Methods:

GPS collars, remote sensing, GIS, multivariate factor analysis, time series analysis

Current Projects:

My current research is focused on the behavioral responses of domestic herbivores to spatial and temporal environmental heterogeneity. Particularly, in my PhD I am trying to elucidate how cattle and sheep develop their grazing tactics seasonally facing an heterogeneous subtropical grassland of northeastern Argentina. That thesis is being carried out within the framework of the project “Feeding Site Selection Mediated by Interactive and Non-Interactive Factors in Three Livestock Regions of Argentina” (PICT N° 1488-2006), directed by Dr. M. A. Brizuela.
I am hosted as a PhD student at the University of Hohenheim within the GrassNet project, progressing with the data analysis for my PhD and participating in the development of new projects regarding the functioning of tropical and subtropical grasslands vulnerable to climate change.