Fabiana Rau

Email: mnavarro[at]cnia.inta.gov.ar
Phone: +54 11 446212096    Int. 126
Skype: fabiana.rau
Institution: Institut of Soils - Natural Resources Research Center (CIRN)

Curriculum Vitae

National Institute of Agriculture and Livestock Technology, Argentina


María Fabiana Navarro Rau (Ph D)

Research Interests:

vegetation water content, Normalized Difference Water Index, land use/land covers change, remote sensing, global change

Research Methods:


Current Projects:

  • Vegetation Water Content Estimation and Shifting Plant Phenology Responses to Climate Changes in a Grassland Ecosystem, Using MODIS Satellite Images (CORRI 430031 and PostDoc research)
  •  “Landscape change and land use/land cover dynamics as contribution to land use planning in the Mesopotamia Ecoregion” (National Project PNECO 92022).
  • “Geoinformation for land use planning and environmental management” (National Project  PNECO 92012)
  •  “Soil and water indicators for the sustainability assessment of agricultural systems”  (National Project)
  • “Biodiversity indicator for sustainability monitoring at local and regional level” (National Project AERN 292221)